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    Tree Pruning

    Pruning is the most common tree maintenance procedure. Pruning is often desirable or necessary to maintain safety, improve tree structure and health, and make trees more aesthetically pleasing.

    Key points for pruning are.

    • Reducing the potential for tree or branch failure 
    • Providing clearance 
    • Reducing shade and wind resistance 
    • Maintaining health
    • Influencing flower or fruit production
    • Improving view 
    • Improving aesthetics  

    Tree Removal

    Whether you require tree removal for aesthetic or safety reasons, our trained and insured experts are there to serve you. Whether a simple felling job or a complex, high-risk removal – we will use fully trained personnel and industry best practices to remove the tree safely.

    Stump Removal & Grinding

    Stump Removal. Completely removing a stump will allow you to reclaim the space by planting grass or another tree for your family and friends to enjoy. Using heavy equipment, we can excavate unsightly stumps from your property. This is usually done only when construction is planned for the site as it can be a somewhat costly and cumbersome process.

    Plant Healthcare

    We have a 5-step system to help with all your plant healthcare needs.

    1. Identifying the pest
    2. Determining when damage is sufficient to warrant control
    3. Identifying and using an environmentally friendly control method
    4. Going back and checking up on effectiveness
    5. Promoting healthy ecosystems where human intervention is not required
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