• What We Do

    From tree pruning to tree removal, we offer services to fit your every tree care need. Proudly serving Burlington and all of southern Ontario.

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    Tree Removal

    Is a tree in your yard dead or dying? Standing in the way of new construction? Creating a safety hazard? Although tree removal should be a last resort, sometimes it’s the only viable solution to a major problem. We have the equipment and skills necessary to remove any tree safely and efficiently. Our commitment to your experience means you can expect the very highest levels of quality and service. We’ll help you to determine whether or not a tree absolutely needs to be removed. If it does, our team of well-qualified Arborists will handle the problem promptly and effectively.

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    Tree Pruning

    Trimming or pruning trees and shrubs helps ensure trees are safe, promote plant health and maintain beauty. Improper pruning can weaken the branch structure, cause cuts to improperly heal, and encourage the growth of suckers that can divert nutrients from those areas of the tree that need it most.


    Properly pruning trees and shrubs requires an understanding of tree species, knowledge of best practices. Contact us today to speak with one of our ISA Certified Arborists!

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    Arborist Reports

    An arborist report serves to document the condition of the tree, highlight existent issues, damage, or areas of concern. In addition, the report provides explanatory information, regarding the condition of sites, threats stemming from disease or pest infestation, or mechanical injury.

    Oftentimes municipalities may require, in part, an arborist report in order to obtain a tree removal permit for construction or a new pool .

    We have

    ISA Certified Arborists
    Butternut Assessors
    TRAQ Certified Arborists

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    Land Clearing / Lot Clearing

    Complete Land Management

    New Construction

    Right of Ways

    Pipe Lines

    Utility Lines

    Bush Thinning & Clearing

    Brush Clearing

    Trail Clearing & Maintenance

    Property Lines

    Stump Removals

    Vegetation Management

    Site Preparation

    Site Clean up  

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    Stump Removal & Grinding

    Stump Removal. Completely removing a stump will allow you to reclaim the space by planting grass or another tree for your family and friends to enjoy. Using heavy equipment, we can excavate unsightly stumps from your property. Using state-of-the-art tree care equipment, our team can safely and efficiently grind stumps anywhere on your property. Our equipment was made to fit into tight areas such as a 3 foot gate or in an elevated landscape, even on a steep grade stump grinding can be performed.

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    Plant Healthcare

    The objective of a Plant Health Care (PHC) program is to maintain or improve the landscape’s appearance, vitality, and safety, using appropriate and responsible methods and treatments. We believe that trees offer economic, environmental, and social benefits, we have created programs focused on these aspects. Whether you have a property with just a couple trees, or live in the forest, we at McFarlan Tree Care can provide you and your landscape healthy and happy plants.

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    Storm Cleanup

    We offer 24/7 emergency services so no matter when you call us we will be there to solve the problem and get your property back to normal.

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