• City of Burlington Private Tree Bylaw

    When do I need a permit?

    Property owners will need to apply for a Tree Removal Permit when removing:

    • A tree greater than 20 cm diameter measured at 1.4 m from the ground
    • More than five trees between 10 and 20 cm measured at 1.4 m from the ground
    • Any size of tree that is a designated Heritage Tree*
    • Any size of endangered, at risk, or threatened tree species*
    • If the tree is dead**
    • If the tree is diseased with no chance of recovery**
    • If the tree is within 2 m of an occupied dwelling**

    * Additional permits and regulations apply

    **Permit is still required; fees and compensation are waived.


    When do I not need a permit?

    • Removing trees of less than 20 cm in diameter measured at 1.4 m above the ground (no more than four per year)
    • Tree maintenance (pruning)
    • For emergency work, such as utility repairs
    • Trees at high-risk of injuring a person or damaging property
    • If the tree is located in a nursery or orchard
    • If the tree is an invasive species*


    Replacement Trees

    Trees that are injured or removed under the Tree Removal Permit will need to be replaced. The tree’s diameter, measured at 1.4 m above ground, as well as the overall condition rating will impact the total number of cm required to be replaced. Generally, one replacement tree is required for every 10 cm diameter removed. The on-site consultation will determine measurements and replacements.

    If there is no room for the replacement trees to be planted on the property, there will be a charge of $400 per replacement tree. This money will be used toward the Private Tree Incentive Program where private homeowners will be encouraged to plant trees on their property.

    Fees and Fines

    • Tree Permit, Development Related Application: $680/property
    • Tree Permit, Non-Development Related Application: $390/property
    • Cash-in-Lieu of Replacement Compensation (Cash-in-Lieu): $400/tree
    • Private Tree Bylaw fine: $680/tree