• City Of Burlington

  • Tree Permit Costs

    When a tree permit has been granted, all owners are required to replace trees that are proposed to be removed, or pay cash-in-lieu of replacement of $700 per replacement tree:


    Diameter Class (Removed Tree)

    No. of Replacement Trees Required

    (50 mm deciduous, 1.75 cm coniferous)

    Cash in lieu of replacement value


    30 cm – 50 cm



    Greater than 50 cm




    A replacement tree security deposit of $700 per replacement tree will be collected as per the compensation ratio, for tree(s) approved for removal by the Manager of Urban Forestry or designate. The deposit will be returned one year after permit approval, and upon inspection for compliance by city staff.

    Trees that are subject to injury but will be retained, will have securities calculated by the City of Burlington’s Forestry Department using the aggregate caliper formula.

    *If trees intended to be preserved as part of the Protection Plan have been damaged, the Security deposit will be held for a period of three years and may transfer to the City of Burlington’s compensation fund for future tree planting initiatives by the city.