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    Are we insured?


    We carry a $5 million line of liability insurance

    All of our employees are covered under WSIB


    (Certificate of Liability upon request)

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    How we stay safe

    Safety is our number one priority

    While working on your job, we do everything possible to ensure your safety, the safety of your property and the safety of our staff.


    McFarlan Tree cares crew typically consist of three workers instead of two. That enables us to maximize awareness of safety hazards at the site and to minimize those risks in order to keep you and your property safe.


    Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) is mandatory for all workers: hard hats, protective eye wear, chainsaw pants and safety boots are used on every job.

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    Property Cleanup

    Your property is just as important as our own


    • No job is complete for McFarlan Tree Care until we do the clean up. We ensure that your property is thoroughly clean of debris and we will dispose of the tree in an environmentally friendly manner. 
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